How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in renting with Park 52

To ensure a smooth process please carefully read all of the following information before proceeding to the application.

  • Park 52 encourages applicants to review our Screening & Credit Requirements before applying.
  • Each person 18+ years old who will be occupying the property must complete their own application.
  • Park 52 does not accept comprehensive re-usable/portable tenant screening reports.
  • Financial responsibility of the property must be taken by the applicant/tenant within 5 days of their approval date (or the property’s available date).
  • Gather all required documentation prior to starting your application. Applications cannot be submitted without the required documentation being attached. Applications cannot be saved and may time out. Once submitted, they are no longer accessible to the applicant. You may use a scanner, tablet or smart phone to scan or take a photo to upload. Please ensure documents are clear, legible, full page copies.

Application Requirements

  1. Valid Photo ID with Date of Birth: Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID (both sides), or Passport.
  2. Document providing Social Security Card, W2, TIN, or most recent year filed tax return.
  3. Proof of Income: Submit any/all that apply:
    • Employment:
      • Paystub, within 30 days, reflecting wage, hours, and year to date information
      • Most recent full bank statement showing income deposit with applicant’s name printed on it for verification
    • New employment or transfer with current employment in Washington State:
      • Offer or Transfer letter on letterhead reflecting start date, hours, and wage information
    • Disability, Retirement, SSI; Financial Aid, etc.  (All Items below are required)
      • Provide most recent award/statement letter from source of income
      • Most recent bank statement with the source of income and applicant’s name printed on it for verification
    • Child Support (All Items below are required)
      • Must be court ordered with no past due balance owing
      • Provide front & back page of Child Support Distribution and Disbursement Statement
      • Most recent bank statement with the source of income and applicant’s name printed on it for verification
    • Self-Employment (All Items below are required)
      • Last 3 months of bank statements with applicant’s name printed on them for both Business & Personal accounts
      • Copy of recent year filed tax returns for the business
    • Rent Assistance
      • Housing Voucher
      • Shopping Guide/Estimated Housing Assistance payment, maximum rent amount, and the tenant’s portion
      • It is the applicants responsibility to verify the property is covered by the voucher/program.
      • Park 52 will verify all applicants are covered by the voucher/program.
    • Assistance Programs/Pledge Letters
      • Itemized Pledge Letter with the specified amounts the program is providing for each of the 4 items below
        1. Application Fees: $65 per adult
        2. Rent: Maximum amount of monthly assistance
        3. Deposit/Holding Deposit: Maximum amount of assistance
        4. List of all occupants the assistance covers
      • If the assistance program is unable to make electronic payments, 2 separate check payments are required. One check for the application fees and the second for the deposit.
  1. Address/Rental History:
    • All previous addresses, until a minimum of 2 unbiased rental references are provided. No date gaps.
  2. Pets and Service/Companion animals:
    • A full body photo of any/all animals
    • Recent Physicians documentation for each Service or Companion animal


Application Fees & Holding Deposits 

  • The $65 non-refundable Application Fee, per person over the age of 18, is due when the application is submitted.
  • The Holding Deposit is 25% of the rent amount and due no later than 24 hours from approval.

Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding the Holding Deposit:

  • Once an application has been given an approval the Holding Deposit will be due no later than 24 hours from approval, to consider the property rented.
  • If the Holding Deposit is not received within the 24 hour time frame the application will be considered withdrawn and the property will return to the rental market.

The Holding Deposit will become forfeited for any of the following reasons:

  • If you do not move forward with tenancy.
  • If the information provided on the application is found to be falsified/fraudulent, and/or pertinent information to the screening process is not disclosed.
  • If you have not fulfilled financial and lease obligations to your current landlord.

Remainder of Move in Funds

  • The remainder of the Security Deposit and first month’s rent is due prior to the lease signing.  (5 days from approval date or the property’s available date)
  • Upon receiving approval email, once a move date is confirmed you will receive a 2nd email from our office to pay the Holding Deposit. The Holding Deposit will transfer into the Security Deposit upon signing the Lease Agreement and Condition Report.

Applications are considered incomplete until we receive all occupant applications, the required documentation, and Application Fee. 

See our Available Properties to apply.