Tenant Handbook

Some of our policies…

Park 52 has several policies which the tenant agrees to comply with upon signing their lease. Our Tenant Handbook is a quick reference for some of these policies, as well as a great source of information for answering some commonly asked questions you might have about renting with Park 52.

Park 52 Basic Policies

Rental Agreement:

The tenant and company are bound to the rental agreement on the lease or any subsequent lease addendums that were signed upon moving in to your home. Any changes or breach of this agreement must be discussed with a property manager. Any agreed upon alterations made must be in writing.


Any pet must be approved by Park 52 before they may live on or visit the premises. Approval of each pet will vary based on the preference of the property owner. It is important to note that certain breeds are forbidden by the owner’s insurance. Every pet will be subject to a pet deposit, which will also vary depending on the discretion of the owner and type of pet. If a pet is to live on the property the Park 52 Pet Addendum must be signed by all parties.


We do not provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services. If your key is lost, misplaced, or you are locked out when the office is closed please call a locksmith at your own expense. All keys and garage or gate remotes that are not returned at the end of the lease are subject to a $50 fee. If a tenant loses a key or gets locked out and we have an extra key at our office, the tenant is welcome to use the key so long as it is returned the same day. If all keys are lost and we do not have an extra, the tenant will be billed the cost of a technician replacing the keys/locks.


Tenants must comply with all laws and policies pertaining to noise, including respecting every tenants right to quiet enjoyment.


In apartments: maintenance and washing of vehicles is prohibited in any common parking lot area.

Inoperable vehicles or vehicles with expired tabs are not allowed and are subject to towing.


Any visitors that are on the premises for a week or longer must contact our office and receive written permission for the visitor to stay. All visitors must comply with lease terms and house rules.


Tenants shall not make any alterations to the property without written consent from a property manager. Many times owner approval is required and it may take time to receive a response. Alterations are considered but are not limited to: painting, changing locks, adding fixtures or wiring, etc. Please consult your property manager and rental agreement for details.

Proper Notice To Vacate:

If you plan on moving when/after your lease is up, you MUST submit your Notice to Vacate to Park 52, inc. 20 days prior to the end of the month. Our electronic form can be found on our website on the Tenant Information tab. Once we receive your notice, we will email you a ‘Move Out Packet’ containing specific information on what is required and requested to make your move out go smoothly and to afford you the best possible return of your security deposit. Please be aware that if a tenant breaks their lease, vacates the property with money owing, or damages the property, this information can be quickly reported to credit bureaus and other repositories. To maintain good references and rental history, please give proper notice to vacate.
Withdrawing or extending/changing a written notice will result in a $100 administration fee.

Renter’s Insurance:

We strongly encourage tenants to purchase renter’s insurance as it is not provided by Park 52 or the property owner. Depending on the policy this insurance can protect tenant’s belongings from fire damage, theft, weather damage, and liability among other things.

Paying Rent

When rent is due:

  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late upon close of business on the 3rd of the month.
  • Late fees are assessed if rent is not received before close of business on the 3rd of the month and an additional fee is added if rent is still not received before close of business on the 9th day of the month.
  • Park 52 collects a large number of checks each month to process and send to owners and make mortgage payments. Timely rent payments are a necessity.

How to pay rent:

  • Rent can be paid online via your Appfolio tenant portal, personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. For more information about paying your rent please visit the Paying Rent & Fees tab under the Tenant Information page on our website. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Rent that is sent in by mail must be physically received in the office by close of business on the 3rd of the month or it is considered late.

Important Notes:

  • Online payments and 3rd party checks can be delayed in processing & mailing. Please take this into account when submitting payments to avoid late rent payments.
  • Make sure your full name and complete property address are on the check or money order to ensure the payment is properly credited.
  • There is a $50 charge for all checks that are returned due to insufficient funds (NSF). An NSF payment received on time is still subject to late fees until full payment is received.
  • Compliance with all of the lease terms and a punctual rental payment history will allow us to provide your future landlord with a reference for future rentals or credit inquiries.

Routine Maintenance Guidelines


  • If a power outage occurs in your residence, please check to see if it is out in the entire area first. If this is the case, consult your local power authority.
  • If the power outage occurred in your home only, check the circuit breaker panel and the GFI’s (outlets with a small reset button in middle). Some of the switches may have been tripped causing them to turn off. If none of the switches are in the off position, turn each switch off and then on again to reset the circuits. If these suggestions do not work and power is still out please consult the emergency procedures page.

Window Air Conditioning Units:

  • We recommend that window air conditioning units be used in moderation as they are prone to icing, especially at lower fan speeds. Any air conditioning fixtures the tenant would like to install must be approved in writing by Park 52. Window units are not allowed in some properties.

Central Air Conditioning:

  • Keep in mind that central air conditioning can only lower your home’s temperature 10-15 degrees cooler than the temperature outdoors.
  • Air conditioning filters should be cleaned at least twice a year

Furnace and Wall Heaters:

  • Regularly clean or vacuum any dust that accumulates on any furnace or fan vents.

Plumbing & Septic:

  • DO NOT flush the following items into a septic system:
    • Solid Waste: feminine products, diapers, cigarette butts, q-tips, etc.
    • Foods such as coffee grounds, cooking grease, oil, etc.
    • Strong chemicals such as drain cleaner, paint thinner, floor cleaner, etc.
    • Septic tank additives or cleaners
  • DO NOT have cars & trucks on septic tank and drain field area
  • DO NOT construct patios, carports, or use landscape plastic over drain field area
  • Report septic problems immediately. Failure to report problems timely and misuse can become tenant’s expense.

Interior Maintenance


  • In addition to changing your air filter regularly, it is important to clean or replace your furnace filter every 90 days. Any issues that occur from not replacing filters as needed can become Tenant’s responsibility and/or expense.
  • Thermostats should be set to appropriate levels depending on the season. Tenant will be held liable for any damage that occurs to leaving heat off in the winter. If directions are not written on the thermostat, please consult the manufacturer for directions. Tenants are responsible for changing batteries.
  • Supply and return vents should be inspected regularly for cleanliness and obstructions.
  • Radiant heat systems should be inspected for leaking valves or radiators.


  • Make sure damper is closed and in good operating condition when Fireplace is not in use.
  • Burn only dry, seasoned wood. No paper, scraps, or trash.
  • Frequently check to ensure flue and chimney are free of obstruction before use.

Exterior Maintenance


  • Gutters should drain freely away from the property’s foundation. Make sure gutters are clear of debris. Report any broken or damaged downspouts to Park 52.


  • All outside faucets must have outdoor covers or be wrapped appropriately with faucet covers or rags and plastic bags to avoid freezing.
  • Disconnect all hoses from all outdoor faucets.
  • All outdoor electrical outlets should be capped and disconnected.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest we are blessed with lots of moisture that sustains our lush green landscape. Sometimes all that wonderful moisture causes mold in homes and other indoor spaces. The US Environmental Protection Agency has a pamphlet for homeowners and renter with information on how to clean, and prevent mold growth. We ask that all tenants adhere to the information provided in this guidebook which can be found here.