Repair Requests & Emergency Procedures

Repair Requests

**In the case of a medical, fire, or other emergency situation that could involve immediate peril to you or someone surrounding you always call your local emergency number or 911**

Emergency or Non-Emergency?

Non-Emergency: an appliance stops working, an air conditioning failure, annoying sounds, drain stoppage and the like. While inconvenient, these are not considered emergencies and will be handled by our office on the following business day.

Maintenance Emergency: is an an issue that is dangerous, hazardous, or if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being (e.g., flooding, no heat in the winter, or gas leak).


How to notify Park 52?

Non-Emergency: Submit a Repair Request.  Please provide pictures, if possible, to help our techs come prepared to fix the issue.

Maintenance Emergency:  

  • DURING business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm): Submit a Repair Request and call our office at (253) 473-5200, ext 113.
  • AFTER business hours & weekends:  call the Park 52 emergency cell phone at (253) 677-5239.  
    • Leave a voicemail with your name, the address of your property, and a description of the situation.
    • If the problem occurs in the middle of the night it is very unlikely we will be able to dispatch a contractor to the property until the morning, so please try and contain the emergency as best as possible.
    • If Park 52 determines the issue and all necessary repairs constitute an emergency, to protect the property from damage or safety issues, we reserve the right to enter the property without tenant permission at the soonest possible time a service technician is available.

If the maintenance issue is resolved before your scheduled appointment, please call to cancel the appointment to avoid being charged a trip fee.